What is CLUB-MATE?

... the effect makes the difference

The raw material for CLUB-MATE is extracted from the yerba tea shrub, which grows mainly in Latin America. There, the mate plant is cultivated and harvested on plantations.

The mate plant, used as tea, has always been the national drink in Latin America, where it is appreciated for its stimulating effects.

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What's the effect of CLUB-MATE?

... the miracle plant from Latin America


The increased caffeine amount helps energizing the muscles, resulting in a much faster recovery after heavy physical exertion. You feel restored faster and ready for everyday life.


The positive effects against fatigue and exhaustion are said to last longer than e.g. the effect of drinking coffee. It also increases the power of concentration and stabilizes the movement of blood through the vessels of the body induced by the pumping action of the heart which makes daily work routines or sports easier. Therefore shorter rest periods are needed.


In addition, it is said that mate is suppressing appetite which is why it is often referred to as a slimming product in Latin American.

The preparation of the Mate-Tea

... traditional and in our brewery

The mate leaves are put into a hollowed-out pumpkin about the size of a fist and are poured over with the same amount of hot, non-boiling water. The drink is sipped through a silver straw (Bombilla), while the pumpkin is refilled with hot water several times.

We produce CLUB-MATE for you with the same amount of effort. Every single leave takes a long journey before receiving the desired syrup. The leaves are converted into a liquid form via a complex extraction process. Then the other ingredients are mixed with our own well-water and are bottled. In each bottle of CLUB-MATE is a full teaspoon of mate tea which is so valuable for the body and that tastes so excellent.

CLUB-MATE tastes sweeter and more pleasant than the bitter mate tea and is very refreshing. CLUB-MATE helps to achieve maximum performance because it is stimulating and gentle at the same time.